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    Basics of Ebooks

    Qus : What do i need to read an Ebook?

    Ans : You need to install a software known as an Ebook reader. The name of our Ebook reader is "BRU Reader" and it is availble for free.

    Qus : What are other possible advantages of Epub?

    Ans : Since the Epub format is based on html, it will gradually allow all things which can be done on a website such as video/audio playback, interactive questions amongst other things.

    Qus : Tell me more about Epub.

    Ans : Epub is an html based format. It allows a lot of features in a book which a pdf cannot provide. The most important feature allows an Epub to resize the page to fit according to the screen size. This allows a small phone to be used as a reading device.

    Qus : How can a pdf be read on a small tablet/phone?

    Ans : Ebooks have different formats. Pdf is not a pure Ebook format, but rather a printing format. Epub is a preferred format, which is an international standard.

    Qus : What is an Ebook?

    Ans : An Ebook is a digital copy of a book which can be read on a computer or a tablet or a phone.

    Purchase and Reading Process

    Qus : How do i buy an Ebook?

    Ans : To Buy a book you need to create a free account by just using your Email. Once you do so you can buy any ebook which you like on our website and it will be added to your Library.

    Qus : How do i read my purchased ebooks?

    Ans : You need to install the free reader available for Android and widnows desktops/laptops. Log in with your email ID to get access to your library and start reading! The library will automatically show you all books purchased by you.

    Qus : This is my first time, can i get a free sample to see how this works?

    Ans : No need to buy an ebook. Browse and transfer a free ebook from the free ebooks category. It will be transferred to the library just like a paid ebook for your reading.