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    Basics of Ebooks

    Qus : What do i need to read an Ebook?

    Ans : You need to install a software known as an Ebook reader. The name of our Ebook reader is "BRU Reader" and it is availble for free.

    Qus : What are other possible advantages of Epub?

    Ans : Since the Epub format is based on html, it will gradually allow all things which can be done on a website such as video/audio playback, interactive questions amongst other things.

    Qus : Tell me more about Epub.

    Ans : Epub is an html based format. It allows a lot of features in a book which a pdf cannot provide. The most important feature allows an Epub to resize the page to fit according to the screen size. This allows a small phone to be used as a reading device.

    Qus : How can a pdf be read on a small tablet/phone?

    Ans : Ebooks have different formats. Pdf is not a pure Ebook format, but rather a printing format. Epub is a preferred format, which is an international standard.

    Qus : What is an Ebook?

    Ans : An Ebook is a digital copy of a book which can be read on a computer or a tablet or a phone.

    Devices, Apps and other software

    Qus : What type of a device do i need to read an Ebook?

    Ans : Currently we have readers for Android phones/tablets and for windows based desktop/laptops. It is recommended that the Android version be 4.0 or higher for best results.

    Qus :

    How do i install the android App?

    Ans :

    Visit the Google Play bookstore and search for BRU reader. You can install it for free, or you can also download it from our website

    Qus : What is the App?

    Ans : The BRU reader App is a software designed to facilitate reading of ebooks on your devices. It acts as your personal library which can store all of your books. It also allows you to visit our webstore for browsing new books and reading samples.

    Qus : Can i read on my iPad?

    Ans : Currently we do not support iOS but it would be made available soon.

    Qus : Can i read on an e-ink device? Do you have your own e-ink readers?

    Ans : No. We do not have any dedicated e-ink devices and the books purchased on BooksRup cannot be read on such devices.

    Qus : What all screen sizes do you support?

    Ans : Almost all standard android sizes are supported.

    Qus : How many devices can i read on?

    Ans : You can log in using any number of devices. But download of each book would be limited to only 5 devices.

    Purchase and Reading Process

    Qus : How do i buy an Ebook?

    Ans : To Buy a book you need to create a free account by just using your Email. Once you do so you can buy any ebook which you like on our website and it will be added to your Library.

    Qus : How do i read my purchased ebooks?

    Ans : You need to install the free reader available for Android and widnows desktops/laptops. Log in with your email ID to get access to your library and start reading! The library will automatically show you all books purchased by you.

    Qus : This is my first time, can i get a free sample to see how this works?

    Ans : No need to buy an ebook. Browse and transfer a free ebook from the free ebooks category. It will be transferred to the library just like a paid ebook for your reading.


    Qus : Can i copy the purchased Ebooks to my computer?

    Ans : There is no need to copy the Ebooks. Fresh, valid copies can be downloaded from within the library itself.

    Qus : Can i read the Ebook on another reader/App?

    Ans : No, you can only read purchased Ebooks through the BRU reader.

    Qus : Can i print or share any text from an Ebook?

    Ans : No, print and sharing permissions are not available.

    Qus : Can i lend my ebooks to friends?

    Ans : Currently our system does not support lending of Ebooks.

    Vouchers and Gift Ebooks

    Qus :

    What are Vouchers?

    Ans :

    Users have the option of using vouchers. They are used to store monitory value in the form of store credit. They can be thus given to others as well, in the form of gifts. They are only valid within India.

    Qus :

    How do i use the voucher?

    Ans :

    Vouchers can be purchased for a mentioned fixed value. It is delivered via email with a password which a user can use to redeem the voucher.

    Qus :

    Where do i redeem my voucher?

    Ans :

    The voucher can be redeemed using the 'redeem' tab in the voucher section of the user account.

    Qus : Can i give a voucher as a gift?

    Ans : Yes. You just need to fill in the Gift receivers email ID at point of purchase and the voucher will be delivered to them instead of you.

    Qus : Can i use this voucher on other websites?

    Ans : This voucher is only valid for purchase of ebooks on BooksRup. It cannot be used on any other website or for any other service. It is non-refundable.

    Qus : Do i have to use this voucher in a single purchase only?

    Ans : No. The voucher is valid for mutliple transactions as long as there is any balance left in it. It expires after 1 year from date of purchase.

    Qus : What are gift ebooks?

    Ans : You can purchase an ebook and have us deliver it to another user with a message along with it.

    Qus :

    What if the user does not want the gift ebook?

    Ans :

    Gifts are utilized using a 'redemption code' in the 'my accounts' section. Any gift can hence be transferred further until the 'redemption code' has been used from within 'my accounts'. Hence the user can further forward the ebook.

    Qus : Can i return a gift ebook which i was given?

    Ans : No. If you do not want the Ebook you can transfer it to others. This will be allowed as long as you do not redeem it.

    Wallets and Loyalty

    Qus :

    What can i do with the wallet?

    Ans :

    The wallet can be used for store credit at one go so that you need not waste time navigating to the payment gateway after each purchase. The wallet stores all the monitory value untill you consume it.

    Qus : Can i get a refund from the wallet?

    Ans : The wallet is non-refundable. It can only be used to buy ebooks from BooksRup.

    Qus : How do i get Loyalty?

    Ans : Loyalty is generated whenever a user makes a payment. It is not generated when payments are made from wallet/vouchers or from loyalty itself.

    Qus :

    Can i make partial payments using wallet and Loyalty?

    Ans :

    Yes. You can make partial payments using loyalty, vouchers and wallet together. You will need to pay the balance at the payment gateway.

    Order Details

    Qus :

    Where can i look up my old purchases?

    Ans :

    You will be able to track all your old purchases in the account section.

    Returns and Refunds

    Qus : Can i return a voucher or an ebook?

    Ans : Vouchers and gifts once sent cannot be returned. However Vouchers and Ebooks which have been gifted but not redeemed can be forwarded to others.

    Qus : Can i get a refund on a voucher or wallet top-up?

    Ans : Vouchers and wallet top-ups are non-refundable.

    Qus :

    Can i return a malfunctioning ebook?

    Ans :

    Returns due to genuine reasons of technical non-performance will be accepted at the discretion of the BooksRup team. We will try to analyze such cases as soon as possible so that no further readers face similar issues. If a return is accepted, then a r


    Qus : I purchased an Ebook but i cannot find it in my library.

    Ans : Please log in to the website and click on the 'my account' button. The Top left side will show your Library button which you can use to see all books you have purchased.

    Qus : How do i read my purchased ebook on my laptop?

    Ans : Please download the Desktop App from our website section for downloads. Log-in using the Email ID you used to register on the website. Once you do so you will see your library. Click on the book you want to read and once it downloads you can start reading

    Qus : I have received a voucher/Gift Ebook. How do i redeem it?

    Ans : Please log in to the website and click on the 'my account' button. On the left tab click on the corresponding tab under Gifts. The right side will now show three Tabs "gifted, received and redeem". Click on Redeem to utilize your gift.