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    Basics of Ebooks

    Qus : What do i need to read an Ebook?

    Ans : You need to install a software known as an Ebook reader. The name of our Ebook reader is "BRU Reader" and it is availble for free.

    Qus : What are other possible advantages of Epub?

    Ans : Since the Epub format is based on html, it will gradually allow all things which can be done on a website such as video/audio playback, interactive questions amongst other things.

    Qus : Tell me more about Epub.

    Ans : Epub is an html based format. It allows a lot of features in a book which a pdf cannot provide. The most important feature allows an Epub to resize the page to fit according to the screen size. This allows a small phone to be used as a reading device.

    Qus : How can a pdf be read on a small tablet/phone?

    Ans : Ebooks have different formats. Pdf is not a pure Ebook format, but rather a printing format. Epub is a preferred format, which is an international standard.

    Qus : What is an Ebook?

    Ans : An Ebook is a digital copy of a book which can be read on a computer or a tablet or a phone.


    Qus : Can i copy the purchased Ebooks to my computer?

    Ans : There is no need to copy the Ebooks. Fresh, valid copies can be downloaded from within the library itself.

    Qus : Can i read the Ebook on another reader/App?

    Ans : No, you can only read purchased Ebooks through the BRU reader.

    Qus : Can i print or share any text from an Ebook?

    Ans : No, print and sharing permissions are not available.

    Qus : Can i lend my ebooks to friends?

    Ans : Currently our system does not support lending of Ebooks.