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    Devices, Apps and other software

    Qus : What type of a device do i need to read an Ebook?

    Ans : Currently we have readers for Android phones/tablets and for windows based desktop/laptops. It is recommended that the Android version be 4.0 or higher for best results.

    Qus :

    How do i install the android App?

    Ans :

    Visit the Google Play bookstore and search for BRU reader. You can install it for free, or you can also download it from our website

    Qus : What is the App?

    Ans : The BRU reader App is a software designed to facilitate reading of ebooks on your devices. It acts as your personal library which can store all of your books. It also allows you to visit our webstore for browsing new books and reading samples.

    Qus : Can i read on my iPad?

    Ans : Currently we do not support iOS but it would be made available soon.

    Qus : Can i read on an e-ink device? Do you have your own e-ink readers?

    Ans : No. We do not have any dedicated e-ink devices and the books purchased on BooksRup cannot be read on such devices.

    Qus : What all screen sizes do you support?

    Ans : Almost all standard android sizes are supported.

    Qus : How many devices can i read on?

    Ans : You can log in using any number of devices. But download of each book would be limited to only 5 devices.